For Schools

    01. Could you tell me your surname?

    Would you like me to spell it?Do you like my family name?How do I say that?

    02. This plant looks dead.

    It's in the garden.It only needs some water.It's sleeping.

    03. I hope it doesn't rain.

    Of course not.Will it be wet?So do I.

    04. Are you going to come inside soon?

    For ever.Not long.In a minute.

    05. Who gave you this book, Lucy?

    I bought it.For my birthday.My uncle was

    06. Shall we go out for pizza tonight?

    I know that.It's very good.I'm too tired.

    07. Do you mind if I come too?

    That's fine!I'd like to.I don't know if I can.

    08. There's someone at the door.

    Can I help you?Well, go and answer it then.He's busy at the moment.

    09. How much butter do I need for this cake?

    I'd like one.I'll use some.I'm not sure.

    10. How long are you here for?

    Since last week.Ten days ago.Till tomorrow

    11. Have you guys had enough to eat?

    That's all right.Is there any more rice?It's not the right time.

    12. That's my coat over there.

    Will you take it off?No, you haven't!Here you are.

    13. Let's go by bus.

    The train was expensive.We'll buy a ticket.It'll take too long.

    14. Do you know my brother Charlie?

    Sorry, he's not here.I don't think I do.I know.

    15. Would you like some ice in your drink or not?

    I hope so.Yes, I shall.I don't mind

    16. I hope I haven't ...... you any trouble by changing the arrangements.


    17. The floor is wet: don't run or you might ...... !


    18. When you come to my house, ...... your camera with you.


    19. Paul arrived at the shop ....... as the manager was closing for the day.


    20. I would ...... to stay at home and relax for a change.


    21. Is there ...... of food for everyone?


    22. Lily says she's happy at school but she's ...... complaining.


    23. ...... the step when you go in.


    24. ...... stay the night if it's too difficult to get home.

    At all costsBy all meansIn allOn the whole

    25. No ...... Hannah is happy when you think how many prizes she has won recently.


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